UEA Volcanoes at the Norwich Science Festival!

On the 22nd and 26th of October we are offering a ‘sneak preview’ of our ‘Mountain A Glow’ Exhibit which we are making for Montserrat. ¬†Montserrat is a small island in the Caribbean which suffered the impacts of eruptions for over 15 years. There is going to be an opportunity to see into the interior of the volcano, as well as learn about some of the responses to that eruption. Lots of hands on action in creating your own volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, and the chance to imagine what you might wear or pack in a volcanic emergency!


Our colleagues and friends in The School of Art Media and American Studies, and International Development are joining forces with ¬†us, Montserratian writer Yvonne Weekes, Montserrat Volcano Observatory Volcanologist Karen Pascal, and the Alliougana singers to present ‘Small Island, Big Volcano (and the People Who Roared Back). This will be an open talk (/performance!) at 13:30 on the 26th of October. There will be singing, seismology and the many and varied memories of the eruption from those who experienced it – including the volcanologists. FREE tickets can be found by clicking on the link!